About Royal scot

About us

Royal Scot is a Lansing landmark and family-owned business committed to creating memorable experiences for all our customers. From bowling and golf, to banquets and one of only two footgolf courses in the US – we provide something for everyone! 

With special events like wedding receptions, baby showers or graduation parties, Royal Scot is the perfect place to mark life’s milestones. Plus, with its colorful past where even the mob used to meet here – Royal Scot promises you an experience that will make your memories last forever. 

We are a destination where friends and families can come together for some fun competition regardless of skill level or background. Our vision is not only to enhance relationships but also to transform lives through sportsmanship, fellowship & community involvement all within a safe environment filled with laughter & good times!

Check out our calendar of events and consider Royal Scot for your next outing or event!

Our Mission

"to give you an unforgettable time out on the course or in our clubhouse while providing exceptional service all day long."


As a landmark for family fun in Lansing, community is extremely important to us. We love to bring people together and do what we can for our community to give back. We want to give special thanks and a shout out to the following organizations for working with us and choosing Royal Scot.